Focus Areas


Focus Areas

Below are some of the common issues and focus areas addressed by Flutter Effects Consulting. 


Motivation & Commitment

People are more motivated and committed to an organization in which they can be heard and valued. Strategies can include:

  • Exploring work identity and role clarification
  • Establishing mentorships, leadership goals and programming
  • Adopting transformational and developmental principles
  • Employing collaborative working and learning models

Healthy Relating

Modes of healthy communication are key to a group's ability to work well together. Strategies can include:

  • Managing stress and promoting well-being
  • Creating a culture for personal safety
  • Conflict resolution conversations
  • Crisis management intervention
  • Establishing gender cooperation 
  • Training staff as leaders
  • Adopting constructive communication practices 

Identifying and Addressing Barriers

Both internal and external barriers to growth can affect motivation and healthy relating. Strategies for addressing these can include:

  • Formal assessment and application of typology inventories
  • One-on-one conversations about "working alliance" dynamics
  • Group training processes regarding conflict, power and trust
  • Creative problem solving and visioning
  • Strategic planning for transformation in community