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Flutter Effects Consulting works with businesses, community organizations, churches, colleges and schools to identify barriers, inspire breakthroughs and build bridges to better communities. Together we can build stronger, healthier relationships and more effective leadership. Read on to learn more about our focus areas and process. To get started, contact us today. 

Flutter Effects Consulting has been a wonderful support to our school, helping us to positively impact the youth of our community. Our staff and leadership have grown in understanding healthy relating and are now equipping young children to develop skills and attitudes for healthy relating with each other and the world around them.

Focus Areas


Focus Areas

Below are some of the common issues and focus areas addressed by Flutter Effects Consulting. 


Motivation & Commitment

People are more motivated and committed to an organization in which they can be heard and valued. Strategies can include:

  • Exploring work identity and role clarification
  • Establishing mentorships, leadership goals and programming
  • Adopting transformational and developmental principles
  • Employing collaborative working and learning models

Healthy Relating

Modes of healthy communication are key to a group's ability to work well together. Strategies can include:

  • Managing stress and promoting well-being
  • Creating a culture for personal safety
  • Conflict resolution conversations
  • Crisis management intervention
  • Establishing gender cooperation 
  • Training staff as leaders
  • Adopting constructive communication practices 

Identifying and Addressing Barriers

Both internal and external barriers to growth can affect motivation and healthy relating. Strategies for addressing these can include:

  • Formal assessment and application of typology inventories
  • One-on-one conversations about "working alliance" dynamics
  • Group training processes regarding conflict, power and trust
  • Creative problem solving and visioning
  • Strategic planning for transformation in community



Our innovative approach will guide your organization through a transformational process in three phases based on your needs and goals.

1. Needs Assessment

Assess needs through informed conversation with key individuals in the organization. Explore goals and strategies that are complementary to the culture/mission of the organization.


2. Plan Development and Application

Apply model through dialogue with contact person in the organization while co-constructing approach to consultation. Utilize formal assessment tools depending upon needs assessment, employ training/workshops and coaching.


3. Evaluation for Sustainability

Evaluate the process through formative and summative means allowing for adjustments and change as informed by the group’s interaction with the consultation model. Establish sustainability strategy.