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About the Initiative

ButterflyDNA is a program of Flutter Effects Consulting established to promote the empowerment of girls and women through leadership development. Social and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of our vision and mission. We believe healthy relating with self, others and the planet is at the heart of empowerment and bettering the world.

We bring our passion and commitment to organizations like the Minnesota River Valley Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Climate Reality Project, the Citizens Climate Lobby and area YWCA's and YMCA's. We look to partner with other organizations who share our vision for the world.

Our Vision and Current Projects

We envision establishing creative forums for community conversations on challenging social concerns that lead to peace and transformation. We are working to this end through a participatory research agenda and projects that inform leadership development like our "Interview Encounter" with mothers and daughters; mentoring initiatives for girls and women; community presentations on climate change action; leadership outreach; "Storycraft" workshops; local film, art, literature, and music events that lift up girls and women; "Flutter Power" establishing partner relationships with civic leadership organizations; and the B-DNA Leadership curriculum roll-out to community groups.    

ButterflyDNA is a program supported by a diverse board of advisors comprised of women across the country who feel passionately about our cause. Our thanks to Jane Greathouse (MN), Lisa Hinson (NC), Neeta Marwaha (KS), Wendy Placko (MN), Renee Tessman (MN), Sabrina Walters (OR), Jodi Westrum (MD) and Kyle Whitehouse (OR).


Empowering women and girls through education, leadership development and involvement.
Butterfly and Caterpillar

Metamorphosis: A Tale of Caterpillar and Butterfly DNA

The story of B-DNA is about discovering untapped potential in ourselves and our communities. By recognizing ourselves and encountering others we can bring about transformation. Below is a sample outline used by ButterflyDNA to empower and support women and girls. 

Phase 1: Love Yourself

First we learn about barriers to loving yourself. We'll explore fear and how it relates to holistic health.

Then we strive to achieve breakthroughs in self-awareness, understanding beauty and passion, and connecting mind, body, heart and spirit.

Finally, we will work on building bridges, expanding one's sense of self and belonging in the world.


Phase 2: Love Others

First we learn about barriers to loving others including fear, differences and social inclusion issues.

Then we strive to achieve breakthroughs by applying principles of interpersonal neurobiology and learning about community engagement.

Finally, we will work on building bridges, developing tools for reaching out to others. 


Phase 3: Love the Planet

First we learn about barriers to loving the planet including fear, stress, denial and inconvenience.

Then we strive to achieve breakthroughs. Returning to Phases 1 and 2 we identify the ways we are interconnected and how our values intersect.

Finally, we will work on building bridges, identifying how we can sustainably live out our passions with hope, empowered to help make the world a better place.