Transforming Communities

Flutter Effects Consulting was created to build and strengthen relationships in community. Current social stresses on local, national and global levels reveal a continued, ever-present need for healthy community relationships. 


Barriers, Breakthroughs and Bridges

Building community starts with relationships. When we find ourselves at a loss in relating well to others, it is important to identify the barriers we need to overcome. Flutter Effects Consulting helps individuals and groups understand barriers to healthy relating while facilitating necessary breakthroughs; whereby, together, we build bridges to promote healthy relating within communities. We are passionate about the role of individual wellness as it relates directly to the health of any community. At Flutter Effects Consulting, we offer a clear bridge to this relationship through education, training and experiential opportunities with our clients.


A Response to Community Needs

Flutter Effects Consulting is a woman-run organization founded by Naomi A. Mandsager Bartley, inspired by the Obama Foundation and the United Nations Global Compact. Through engagement with individuals and groups in various organizations throughout her community, Naomi learned that there was a pattern of need across groups specifically connected to quality of relationships. Called to respond, she developed an approach to healthy relating in community that has demonstrated success and happy outcomes for the clients we serve.

Why "Flutter Effects" Consulting?

Naomi selected the butterfly to represent individual potential, transformation and movement in our work.  We offer mobile services that span the globe, transcend barriers and alight wherever there is a place to land. We believe we can make a difference anywhere. While a group of butterflies can be considered a “flutter,” at Flutter Effects Consulting we realize that together we can discover and employ our untapped potential, making exponential changes to better our communities and the world.


Our Team


Naomi A. Mandsager Bartley, Ph.D.  Executive Director

Naomi brings a background in psychology, women's studies, education and anthropology to her work at Flutter Effects Consulting. She also offers years of real-life experience with a diverse spectrum of groups and organizations. Naomi has served on multiple advisory boards, worked in community social service groups, consulted regarding organizational transitions and mergers, advised on strategic planning, hiring practices, and on policies and procedures regarding internal and external relational dynamics, and taught workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. She also actively volunteers within her community. Naomi's leadership and coaching practice draws from Interpersonal Neurobiology, Systems and Complexity Theories, Critical Race and Self-in-Relation Models, Motivational Interviewing and Core Leadership practices.


Kyle E. Whitehouse, M.A.  Lead Consultant

In addition to serving as a team member at Flutter Effects Consulting, Kyle is the Oregon State University Ecampus Assistant Director for Learner Services. Her previous roles have included career counselor, instructor and academic advisor. Kyle has served on committees in the interest of campus community health, participated in strategic planning and hiring, and is skilled at engaging in meaningful conversations regarding current social concerns. With MBTI certification, Kyle has years of experience administering the MBTI, conducting workshops, and facilitating team building experiences for a range of professionals and students. She also draws from Presence-Based Coaching practices and adult development theory in her work with groups and individuals.


Charles M. Bartley, J.D.  Leadership Counsel

Chuck offers a background in restorative justice, dispute resolution and informal mediation to his role at Flutter Effects Consulting. He has years of experience working on various non-profit and for-profit boards in the capacity of member and as treasurer working on budgets, planning, and strategic, finance and operational issues. Chuck has an MBT and is also a CPA whose work brings good practices to bear on community. With an over 30 year career, he has learned that wisdom and expertise come with hard work and experience. He has also come to believe that, “now is (always) the time,” for us to be healthy people in community.


Orlin L. Mandsager, M. Div.  Leadership Advisor

Orlin brings an extensive background in leadership and community involvement to our team. He spent many years committed to college communities through leadership positions in campus ministry and student life, as campus pastor at Augsburg college and Dean for Student Life at Luther College. Orlin studied at The University of Birmingham in the area of church development as communities of healing, and attended the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs where he trained in Leadership Education. He also served on the Community Design Board for many years in St. Paul, Minnesota. Orlin believes that a healthy community is realized in caring relationships and that one should reflect on what it means to be in community in terms of who you are and what you do.